Marcella Cindy Prasetio

Build Inspiration. Instill Passion.

About Me

First-year Master in the Computer Science department at Stanford University.

Comes from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Interested and passionate in natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile apps, web and game development.

Enjoys playing video games and creates them for personal projects.

Aims to create high-quality software that could inspire others to find passion in technology.

Skills & Proficiency

Programming Language

  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Scala
  • PHP
  • Golang
  • C++
  • C

Software & Frameworks

  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Eclipse
  • Android
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • FullPage.js
  • JavaCC
  • libGDX
  • Unity


Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2)

Engineering Intern

Winter 2017 - Spring 2017

  • Built a web application for retrieving and exploring the Aristo Knowledge Base data. (Scala, React.js, HTML, CSS)
  • Designed and implemented infrastructure for integration test on all Aristo Engineering projects. (Scala, Bash)
  • Implemented the Aristo scheduler backend for researchers to run experiments automatically. (Scala, Postgres)


Software Engineering Intern

Summer 2016

  • Acquired performance and correctness metrics for Gmail CSS parser and sanitizer. (Java, JavaCC, Python)
  • Identified possible areas of improvements in Gmail CSS parser and sanitizer. (Java, JavaCC)
  • Improved the running time performance of CSS sanitizer in Gmail by 1‐7%. (Java)
  • Fixed and indentified high priority bugs for S/MIME encryption in Gmail. (Java)


Engineering Practicum Intern

Summer 2015

  • Improved Compact Language Detector (CLD) implementation in Chrome. (C++, Chromium)
  • Analyzed Compact Language Detector (CLD) performance on detecting language on more than 10,000 web pages. (C++)
  • Built a new Chrome extension API, chrome.i18n.detectLanguage that implements Compact Language Detector (CLD). (C++, Chromium)
  • Implemented chrome.i18n.detectLanguage in Chrome Translate extension. (C++, JavaScript, Chromium)
  • Built a share module for sharing translations on Google Translate web. (C++, JavaScript, Closure)

Indonesian Student Association at University of Washington (ISAUW)

Information Technology Officer

Fall 2014 - Spring 2016

  • Built and collaborated on ISAUW main website for marketing purposes. (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap, JQuery)
  • Created, designed and collaborated on ISAUW signature event, KERATON 2015-2016, event website. (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, FullPage.js, Bootstrap, Google Map API)

PT. Global Digital Niaga (

IT Analytics Intern

Summer 2014

  • Built data provider for extracting production data from database via Sonar. (Java, SonarQube)
  • Created various unit and integrated test in Java to increase the performance of the available products in (Java)
  • Designed web pages for displaying production and purchase data for production team. (HTML, CSS, Javascript)


Feel free to contact me regarding projects, work, or any other question!

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